Spring has sprung, which means it’s time for new projects and new books! That’s why your favorite authors of paranormal romance have teamed together to offer you 40+ escapes! That’s how many audiobooks we’re giving away in this PNR audio giveaway. You’ll find all the audiobooks – and some special ebook deals – below for your next great listen/read. And see those matching ebooks that are discounted to 99¢? That’s a great way to get the audio versions at a significant discount with Amazon’s Matchmaker feature! Once you’re finished filling your audiobook library, you can enter to win at the GIVEAWAY link at the bottom of this page.

Fire Maidens: Paris
Anna Lowe

Ophelia Sexton

Savage Surrender
Ellis Leigh

Mystic Wolves, Books 1 & 2
Elle Boon

Rebel Werewolves (Only Perfect Omegas)
Rosemary A Johns

Reaper Unexpected
Debbie Cassidy

Savage Pride
Cecilia Lane

Blue Moon Saloon, Volume 1
Anna Lowe

Light of the Spirit
Lisa Kessler

Silvertip Shifters, Books 1-4
J.K. Harper

Rocked by a Vampire
Susan Griscom

Savage Sanctuary
Ellis Leigh

Kissed By Flames
Vella Day

War's Passion
Lia Davis

Orphan Entangled
Keira Blackwood

No Stakes Allowed
Laura Greenwood

Semester Aboard
Elizabeth Kirke

Cowboy Wolf Trouble
Kait Ballenger

Rebel Dragon
Anna Lowe

The Muse Chronicles Set (Books 1-3)
Lisa Kessler

Savage Seduction
Ellis Leigh

Jennifer Reynolds

The Quasar Lineage, Books 1-3
Pearl Tate

Bewitched by a Vampire
Susan Griscom

Alpha Challenge
Lia Davis

Quest Of The Goddess
Laura Greenwood

Jennifer Reynolds

Sinth Savior
Pearl Tate

Forbidden Vampire Mate
Laura Greenwood

Sinth Seeker
Pearl Tate

Devoted to Destiny
Lisa Kessler

Jennifer Reynolds

First Moon
Michelle Fox

The Ruby Fortress
Carrie Whitethorne


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