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How will I access my books?

Book files will be delivered through a service called BookFunnel. You’ll be able to select the file type needed to read in the app of your choice.


Sorry, but once a month is over the book for that period goes back in the vault. 

I received my email but can’t download the book.

BookFunnel offers excellent customer service. Please utilize their contact info in the email they sent for assistance.

What kind of books should I expect?

For 2021, the Paranormal Romantic Book Club is focusing on steamy paranormal romances featuring shifters of all sorts. 

I love PNR! Can I recommend my favorite authors for the book club?

Absolutely. Simply use the contact form below and we’ll log them for future events.

I’m an author and I want to participate. Who do I contact?

Paranormal Romantic Book Club is run by author Ellis Leigh. If you’d like to participate, reach out to her. If you’re not friends on social media, fill out the contact form below.

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